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New Olympus EVIS EXERA III Endoscopy System


The advanced imaging in the EVIS EXERA III system will help Physicians detect GI diseases, such as colorectal caner (CRC) at an earlier stage when treatments are most successful.  Call your Primary Care Physician to discuss options today!


Lowering Your Cholesterol Without Medication

It’s been said before and we will reintroduce it, to be healthy you must live healthy. According to Fox News, “Medications are just one way to deal with high cholesterol. There are many other natural options to bring down your levels, too.”

How can you achieve better health without medicine:

1) Maintain a healthy diet. 2) Avoid certain foods. 3) Exercise regularly.


Convenient On-Line Bill Pay

Secure online bill pay allows patients to pay their bills without the time and hassle involved in writing checks or calling in.

Click Here to pay your bill on-line
KanCare Providers

PROUD participating provider of the new Kansas Medicaid Program; KanCare! Our Business Office will work with your physician to make sure you, the patient, can worry about getting better and not worry about how you will pay! For questions or concerns, please contact our Business Office Manager at (620)378-2121!

Mark Your Calendars:

Fredonia Regional Open House

June 18

4 pm to 6 pm

Come see the new Physical Therapy, Pulmonary Rehabilitation center and Nuclear Medicine Units.

Free gifts and fun for everyone!

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